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Welcome to TAX Incentives in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico can be your key to maximize your business returns or
personal investments without the need for a passport.

What We Do

We assist our clients in determining whether Puerto Rico is the best option for you as an individual, for relocating your existing business or starting a new business.

Tax Exemptions

We assist with applying for the various tax incentives available in Puerto Rico. We can streamline the process for you in order to speed up the application process and ensure that your application is reviewed in a timely manner.

Professional Services

We work with a group of accredited legal, accounting, insurance and other business professionals that can assist you in setting up your operations in Puerto Rico.

Real Estate

We have a network of real estate brokers, for both residential and commercial properties, that specialize on finding the right property for investors or businesses relocating in Puerto Rico. Just tell us what you are looking for and we can handle the rest.

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About Us

Kalpesh Patel

Kalpesh Patel has been involved in the healthcare sector for over 20 years. After graduating from Drake University with a B.S. in Pharmacy, After identifying problems and inefficiencies with pharmacy management that could be fixed with the right type of software, Mr. Patel co-founded one of the leading EMR software companies in the United States for both ambulatory practices, medical offices, and pharmacies.

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Angel Marrero Murga, Esq

Angel Marrero, Esq., is a tax and corporate attorney with over 12 years of experience at one of the major law firms located at the in the San Juan’s “Golden Mile” District. Mr. Marrero specializes in providing clients with legal advice regarding tax incentives laws as well as state and local taxation. Mr. Marrero has extensive experience designing the best legal structures available to maximize tax benefits.

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Luis A. Nieves Morales, CPA

Luis A. Nieves Morales, CPA, is a finance executive with nearly 30 years of experience with accounting, financial analysis, and strategic planning. Mr. Nieves was the Director of Merger, Acquisitions and Strategic Planning at Puerto Rican Cement Co., Inc., which was a subsidiary of the Group Ferre Rangel, a Puerto Rico based, family-owned portfolio of companies with highly diversified strongholds in several industries

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